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The terms and conditions below govern the use of the ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine website and respective digital and printed version subscription in one of the following ways: three or six issues for the digital version and six issues for the printed version of ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine.


Website content is understood as all the information available to the reader and subscriber, including text, images, slideshows, videos, web design and software. All of this content is owned by ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine and is protected by Intellectual Property Rights under the laws of Portugal and the European Union, and cannot be used beyond the conditions allowed in the use of this website without permission from ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine. In this sense, the use, reproduction, copying and dissemination by other means of logos, texts, images and videos appearing on this website are subject to its prior authorisation. Use of the website’s content is only permitted for personal purposes. No part of this website may be reproduced with the aim of being sold or distributed for commercial purposes and, equally, may not be modified or incorporated in any other work, publication or site, either in electronic format, or by being transferred to any other website.

ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine disclaims any liability for the theft and misuse of the above mentioned elements, except the exceptions permitted by law, including the right to quote, provided that its origin is clearly identified.



Some content on the ROOF – An IN & OUT website Magazine requires payment. To gain access to them, the user must subscribe to the digital version of the ROOF magazine and access the registration areas indicated by the website, register and subscribe to one of the above methods. The user agrees to take responsibility of their login information, such as email address and password.

By registering and subscribing to the digital version of ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine the user agrees that:

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• Will not do anything that could damage ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine, including accessing an unauthorised area/account and respective information;
• They will immediately contact ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine if they notice any unauthorised use of their login details;
• There will not evaluate and test the vulnerability of the system and break the installed security;
• They will not send unsolicited emails that include promotions or ads for products or other services.



The ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine website reserves the right to change completely and at any time, without notice, the presentation and content of the online page and services. Such changes will always have the constant improvement of the project as their final goal, as well as the services offered to its users.

Without prejudice to the user, the company ROOF – NEW CONCEPT MEDIA, Lda shall not be liable for any suspension or interruption to access that may occur as a result of something that may not be attributed to it or that is attributable by way of mere negligence.



Users of the ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine website declare and guarantee that they are perfectly aware of the characteristics and constraints, limitations and defects that may occur in a website with the presented characteristics.



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The Privacy Policy is available on the ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine website.



To clarify any matter relating to the terms and conditions for using the ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine website, the user should contact ROOF – NEW CONCEPT MEDIA, Lda.

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