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Monoloko Design

Interiors | 17 Aug 2017

This house, with simple geometric shapes, it`s a synthesis of natural materials. Since the modern façade, that combines wood and stone, to the finish in warm tones, all there is inviting and welcoming

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Bellavista Collection

Interiors | 11 Aug 2017

The Bellavista Collection, from brothers Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni, has the finnest materials and all its products are handmade

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Perrin Paris x Zaha Hadid Design

Magazine Style | 09 Aug 2017

The known language of Zaha Hadid Design studio blended itself with the Perrin Paris incomparable craftmanship, in the exact right measure.

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SPG Headquarters

Architecture | 08 Aug 2017

The new Société Privée de Gérance’s headquarters (SPG), in Geneva, Switzerland, were designed by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti and is highly efficient on what concerns energy

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Interiors Videos | 04 Aug 2017

At Barbot there is a story of innovation that is told every day

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Five Fields Play Structure

Art + Culture | 03 Aug 2017

This is a structure, in Lexington, Massachusetts, that Matter Design & FR|SCH Projects designed with the aim of having no well-marked purpose

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Penha Longa

Style | 02 Aug 2017

Built in the breathtaking scenery of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and inspired by the maxims of Zen philosophy, the Penha Longa Resort’s Spa offers visitors an excellent experience

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Albert Adrià

Magazine Flavour Interviews | 01 Aug 2017

Albert Adrià. The creative mind behind one of the most original, complex and sophisticated gourmet concepts ever. ElBarri, the collection of six restaurants that the Spanish chef opened in the charismatic city of Barcelona.

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Gemma Observatory

Architecture | 31 Jul 2017

The remote summit of a mountain in New Hampshire, USA, is now home to a private astronomic observatory

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Tapeçarias Ferreira de Sá

Design | 31 Jul 2017

The world of Ferreira de Sá is made of different raw materials, of a lot of people dedicated to an art that comes from a long time ago.

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Love, Ana

Design | 28 Jul 2017

It is a design studio and a store. At the same time, it can also be considered a gallery. This is the concept behind the Love, Ana studio, in Zagreb

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Claus Porto

Interiors Videos | 28 Jul 2017

Opened in June 2017, the new Claus Porto’s store, in Rua das Flores, Porto, celebrates the 130th anniversary of the brand

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