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Farm Girl Cafe

Interiors | 21 Jun 2016


Farm Girl Cafe is a cafe/restaurant just off Portobello Road in London, which seems an oasis away from the bustle of the busy market street. The healthy and relaxed style of the young owners is the basis of this project: here nutritious fresh food is served and encouraging the physical activity and healthy living. The design interior of the space, by Beata Heuman LTD studio, perfectly conveys the essence of the restaurant.






There are oversized cactuses scattered around the room, the walls are covered with green and blue handmade tiles that, with the play of light give an almost underwater feel. The open wiring shelving displays the ingredients changing from day to day like a living wall. We can also find here a freehand line designed by the street artist Pang, which reinforces the associative nature of this project. The characteristics of this space make the Farm Girl Cafe a perfect space for a comfortable and inspiring break.

Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Beata Heuman LTD


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