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Kari Kola

Magazine Design | 11 Jul 2016



Light is so natural; we live surrounded so much by light that it we almost lose any awareness of its presence. We need light to see, but we don’t see it as something that exists, as an optical phenomenon resulting from its interaction with matter.
Only when there is shadow or darkness descends upon the Earth, when our eyes feel blind and unable to see anything, when the eloquence of the day fades and nothing illuminates it, do we feel the absence of light. The dark seems to surround us, when night weighs heavy in the trees, when contours dilute, we need the categorical power of light, its diaphanous immanence and its immaterial concreteness.
In the lighting design projects by Kari Kola light is assertive, it makes its presence felt in waves of colour and radiation. At times magical, at others ethereal, at times soft, at others forceful, the lighting design by the Finnish artist is always presented as if the fairytale forms of a daring and luminous thought.
“Nothing is impossible; it is just a matter of deciding how much you want to use your energy towards achieving it” is Kari Kola’s motto.

Featured in ROOF 3

@Shadows of the River, Jyväskylä, Finland

@Light Is Here, Paris, France

@Kolme yon Tulet, Joensuu, Finland

Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos supplied by Kari Kola


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