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La Piscina del Roccolo

Architecture | 15 Jun 2016



Living in a house built in 1900 doesn’t necessarily mean living in the last century.
The customer’s requirement was for a pavilion to be connected to the main historic house in perfect harmony with the surroundings. The house, built in 1900, have been renovated by the clients ten years ago. The previous renovation included landscaping and the addition of a small artificial lake. It was precisely near the lake that the team of the Act Romegialli designed the pavilion which groups an indoor pool and spaces for exercise, service and leisure, making the connection to the main house through a tunnel. The structure was built to have minimal visual impact and to be perfectly integrated into the field. The pavilion was strategically positioned to capture the most of natural light. The glass structure facilitates the entry of light and puts the building in permanent contact with the lake. The sliding door can be fully retracted and leaves the indoor pool at the same level of the artificial lake, creating the illusion of being in a single space. For the interior of the pavilion was used cement and wood, which helps to distinguish the different spaces.
La Piscina del Roccolo is located in Alta Brianza, Italy, and is a breathtaking space.


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Marcello Mariana


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