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Nervous System

Magazine Design | 02 Mai 2016


There is nothing more astounding than the precise combination of art, science and technology. The evolution of our view of materials and the way in which they behave on the human body serves to kick-start the construction of new design concepts. This is the focus of attention of Nervous System, a studio developing its work precisely around this meeting point of various fields. Nervous System uses computer simulation to create design and digital production for the construction of objects. Inspired by natural phenomena, the studio creates computer programmes based on processes and patterns of nature, to then develop affordable and unique jewellery, pieces of art and domestic utensils. The Kinematics Petals Dress comes from the challenge thrown down by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to create a piece for the #techstyle exhibition, which runs from March 06 to July 10, 2016. The show explores the synergy between fashion and technology, highlighting not only the way designers create, but also how people interact with their clothes.

Featured in ROOF 2

Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Steve Marsel Studio

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