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Nini Andrade Silva

Magazine Interiors | 09 Mai 2016


“I develop works of art and projects for people. That’s why I give them a meaning, whether through symbols, signs or… territorial and cultural references. We have to have references for us to be able to fly!” Nini Andrade Silva stands behind these words, resounding like a breath of inspiration. Trained in design and a designer by profession, Nini says that only people, who love what they do can truly teach how to place passion in projects, in the designed concepts. The world is the permanent home of Nini Andrade Silva. The trips she takes around it are retained, like a logbook, into which she delves in her experiences as one of the most important interior designers on the world stage. But, no matter how often she travels the globe, all paths invariably lead her back to Funchal, the city of her birth and where, in 2015, she opened the Design Centre bearing her name.


Featured in ROOF 2

Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Atelier Nini Andrade Silva

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