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Magazine Design | 09 Mai 2016



The idea that everything in life is transitory ensures that at Silvadesigners the approach made to projects is done in an understated and simple manner, with the aim that each one provides a background for the next. Continuity is what the studio’s owner Jorge Silva refers to as repetition, but not in the sense of routine, rather as a way of modifying and improving the process. Silvadesigners is a communication design studio that undertakes projects in cultural, public and private domains. Humour flows through the veins of the team, spilling out into everything they do, and in particular in their campaigns for self promotion. There is a graphic vitality that kicks in at any given time, in the approach to the manual process. There is an infinite story to be discovered in every letter.

Featured in ROOF 2

Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Silvadesigners


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