Installing a Metal Roof Over Shingles


Many people have asked, “is it possible to install a metal roof over shingles?” The answer is yes, of course! You can definitely install a metal roof over your existing shingles. In fact, it’s better doing it this way over terating your shingles off.

However, before you actually install a new metal roof, first inspect your existing roof. This way you can ensure if your roof is capable of supporting a metal roof. Additionally, you should know how to install a metal roof over shingles like a pro.

Preparing your existing roof

Roof deck

It’s crucial to check your roof deck for damages. Water, fire, and hail damage should be repair before installing a metal roof. If repairs are needed, you have to remove the shingles first. This will prevent costly issues to be overlooked and cause a lot of problems in the future.


The condition of your shingles is paramount. According to the experts, if you spot significant damage to your shingles or they have begun twisting and curling, you should install lathing bords or remove them completely first before installing a metal roof. 

Of course, as explained above, the condition of your roof deck also matters here. Never delay repairing or replacing your shingles as it could cause costly problems later. Another thing you should consider is the number of layers of your shingles.

Check the local building code before adding a new metal roof over existing shingles. Most building codes do not allow for more than two layers maximum of roofing materials on the roof.

Structural integrity

Not tearing your shingles will add more weight before installing a new metal roof. Always make sure the trusses are designed to support the extra weight from the new metal roof.

However, most metal roofs are lightweight so the extra weight wouldn’t be a problem. But it’s always better to make sure evertything is in order to ensure strong structural integrity.

Structural integrity

How to install your new metal roof

Before you start the installation process, make sure you have prepared the wood furring strips or spacers. As you may already know, metal roofing expands when it gets heated up and colled down.

When it contracts against the abrasive grit on asphalt shingles, the metal roofing panels could get scratched off leaving the the panel’s substrate exposed. This scenario could introduce rust and damage the panels.

This is why wood spacers are important as they can prevent the roofing metals from scratching against the asphalt singles. High quality wood spacers can protect your shingled or metal roofs and be rolled accross your roof for easy installation.

install your new metal roof

Why installing a metal roof over shingles is beneficial

Installing a metal roof over existing shingles does have some benefits. First, the new metal roof has amazing durability and can last for many years to come. Moreover, installing it over existing shingles adds more layer of protection between the elements from outside and the inside of your house.

The existing layer of shingles also has its own benefit, such as aiding in sound absorption and minimizing hail or rain reverberation on the new metal roof. Finally, not tearing the existing shingles also saves you a lot of money in labor costs and time.

metal roof


Overall, installing a new metal roof on existing shingles can give various benefits. Other than that, just make sure to inspect your shingles, roof deck, and structural integrity.

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